OUT NOW! Nat's new cookbook

Life’s tricky, cooking doesn’t have to be. Nat’s here to take the nonsense out of the kitchen with Smash Hits Recipes. Featuring Nat’s most popular, tried-and-true dishes as well as all-new hit singles, this special hardback collection is a sweary best mate for your kitchen.

OUT NOW IN AUSTRALIA. Get on it, champignons! 


Shit About Nat

Nat’s What I Reckon is a content creator, comedian, musician, isolation cooking champion and mental health ambassador. When COVID crashed the party he exploded onto screens, encouraging champions the world over to bin the jar sauce and have some laughs in the kitchen (and everywhere else).

Books & Games

Smash Hits Recipes
What Nat To Do
Un-Cook Yourself:
A Ratbag’s Rules for Life
Death to Jar Sauce
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