Death to Jar Sauce

Rad recipes for champions: Nat’s first full cook book, out now

Nat’s debut book Un-cook Yourself: A Ratbag’s Rules For Life topped bestseller lists in its first week of release and went on to win Booktopia’s Favourite Australian Book Award of 2020 (the proceeds of which Nat donated to Beyond Blue), and was nominated for Non-Fiction Book of the Year in the Australian Book Industry Awards. Now he’s back with a full 25-recipe illustrated cook book.

The world’s a confusing and chaotic place. We thought lockdown was over … it wasn’t. We hoped life would go back to normal … it hasn’t.

But Nat’s What I Reckon knows one thing is definitely still true: jar sauce can get fucked.

So, to help champions keep levelling up their cooking skills and making ripper feeds from scratch at home, Nat has created this collection of 25 shit hot recipes that will get you out of a jam. This is stuff that’s simple, easy to follow and tastes delicious, like Honey Bastard Chicken, Get Fucked Roast Potatoes and Frownie-Reversal Orange Chocolate Brownies.

There are no questionable ingredients here: purely Nat’s trademark humour, a big dash of cheekiness and some genuinely handy culinary tips to boot. Death to Jar Sauce will see you through the good times and the tough times, hopefully with a few solid laughs and some awesome food on your plate.

Death To Jar Sauce features 25 rad recipes illustrated by Sydney artists Bunkwaa, Glenno, Warrick McMiles and Onnie O’Leary.

Death to Jar Sauce by Nat's What I Reckon

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