Yeah Nah: Trivia for Legends

Cook your own schnitzel with Nat’s version of not-shit pub trivia

Guess what? I’m pretty shit at trivia. So I had a thought – wouldn’t it be funny to make a trivia game where I still have a chance at beating my mates at it anyway?

Righto, champions. Grab some friends and gather ’round for the most righteous trivia game of your lives.

You don’t have to be a fountain of information to win, either. All you’ve gotta do is switch on your nonsense radar and know your YEAHs from your NAHs. It’s that simple!

Win the Champion’s Cup to show off how freaken good you are (legend!) and try not to get the dreaded Jar Sauce card. Score enough tokens by being a smarty pants (or just really lucky) and you might just win the game.

Features 600 red hot questions!

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